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Anything On-Site Repair knows that you cannot concentrate on the true essence of your business goals with unsatisfactory equipment that produces down time. A.O.S.R's maintenance programs are customizable to every business or their clients.


Contracts are based upon 5 key components:

  1. age of equipment

  2. size of equipment to be maintained

  3. frequency of maintenance intervals

  4. amount of equipment that will be serviced

  5. and our client's long term goals for the equipment


These factors will be determined with our first visit and the evaluation of the equipment that will serviced.

Anything On-Site Repair's goals for your business are for flawless running equipment, maximum profit by decreasing downtime so you can stay focused on what's most important; your bottom line. Maintenance Contract clients will receive an additional 10% off labor cost for scheduled repairs only during the contract interval. There are many other benefits included with obtaining a maintenance contract that will raise your bottom line and keep your business running at maximum efficiency.

To obtain more information or schedule a first visit,

call Larry at 810.247.5228
or email


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